C.C. PETS & Chem International CO., Ltd
             C.C. PETS is a multinational corporation, founded in 1999 in Bangkok, Thailand. To date, C.C PETS has branches in Taiwan and China. We specialize in pet products and the import and export of dogs.

1. Management philosophy

          “ The best for your lover ” Pets are not only animals, but also our family and lovers. As a result, we produce and purchase high quality products for our lovers. We not only provide quality products but also provide quality service. It is our ultimate goal and responsibility to listen carefully to the clients' advice and to satisfy their needs.

2. Introduction

  • A - Taiwan   Our branches in China are in Guangzhou and Suzhou. There are about two 40ft. containers exporting from Shanghai port and Guangzhou port every month.
  • B - Branch office in Taiwan is in charge of purchasing and manufacturing. There is at least one 40ft. container exporting from Kaohsiung or Taichung.
  • C - C.C. PETS headquarter is in Bangkok, Thailand and it is responsible for selling. The sale channels are as following. First, we sell our products to retailers like pet shops or veterinary hospital; there are about 2000 retailers in cooperation with us in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Second, we set up our own website ( www.ccpetthai.com ) so that clients can directly browse our products and contact us
  • 3. Service

              C.C. Pets specializes in kinds of pet products, including pet water feeders, stainless steel cages, plastic products and leashes. We purchase quality pet products in Taiwan and China and export them to Southeast Asia.
  • A Marketing program highlights We exclusively sell Herchy water feeders in Thailand. Stainless steel cages are manufactured by a factory in Tainan, Taiwan. We plan to produce pet strollers in 2015. To improve the quality of the pet strollers, The cloth of strollers will be designed in Taiwan; the framework of the strollers will be made in Guangzhou, China.
  • A-1The factory of Herchy
  • B Factory OEM stainless steel cage

  • 4. Future development

  • A New product development Besides caring the products quality we purchased and produced, we also care for innovation. Through participating in exhibitions in different countries, listening carefully the clients' and the pets’ advice, we can design products that meet clients and pets’ needs.
  • B Import dogs to Thailand We plan to cooperate with legal kennels in Taiwan and China and import fine dog breeds to Thailand. Hoping that can not only provide a different choice to dog lovers, but also can give a welcome fillip to pet industry in Thailand. There are eleven breeds of dogs we attempt to import first and they are Bichon Frise, Shiba Inu, Poodle, Pomeranian, Papillon, Samoyed, Tibetan Mastiff, Alaskan Malamute, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Japanese Akita.
  • C Strengthen relationships with clients and distributors In addition to meeting clients and distributors in exhibitions, we use Internet to interact with them. For example, we post new product information on our website and send new catalogs to clients via LINE and e-mail so that we can provide service to customers instantly.
  • D Promote lifetime care for pets With the development of the social economy and the improvement of the people's living standards, the way the people keep pets is different. Many people start to treat pets as their family. However the life span of pet is shorter than human, therefore the care for old pets is significant. We attempt to cooperate with veterinary hospitals and establish nursing home for animals.
  • E Care for stray animals We respect for life, and we plan to help stray animals with the following methods. First, we will contribute funds to institutions that attend stray animals. Second, we plan to cooperate with charities and help the stays animal to find new owners. Third, promote the concept “lifetime care for pets” to pet keepers.
  •                 58 , 60 ซอยปุณณวิถี 50 แขวงบางจาก เขตพระโขนง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10260
    OPEN :     เปิด 8.30 น. - 17.30 น วันจันทร์ - วันศุกร์
    PHONE :   02 751-0054 , 02 730-5832 , 02 730-5834 , 086-336-5168 , 086-331-2551
    FAX :        02 751-0055 , 02 730 -5835
    E-MAIL :   ccpetthai_ID@hotmail.com
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